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Zoltan's Story

Zoltán was a terrible student. Not because he lacked intelligence, but because he simply wasn’t made for a classroom setting. Following his primary education, he defied family tradition and became a waiter rather than a university student.  


Forging his own path grew to include English lessons, then work on a cruise ship that took him to 89 countries on three trips around the world. His ambition grew. He set his sights on becoming a restaurant manager.

Savings from his cruise ship work and hard labor in New Jersey, USA paid for an education in hotel management at an institution known worldwide as the best of its kind. Zoltán completed his education with excellence then moved to Dublin, Ireland to manage a well-known franchise. Things were going well, money was flowing, Zoltán was happy. And then the 2008 recession hit.

Despite the franchise’s admirable track record under his management, his salary was higher than his assistant’s and he found himself sitting across from the franchise owner, newly jobless. His top-tier education wasn’t enough.

His wealth of global experience wasn’t enough. His work ethic and ambition weren’t enough. In that moment, Zoltán learned that if he had a boss, he could be fired. In that moment, the only possible solution became entrepreneurship.  


Lacking the necessary start-up capital to found a physical business, Zoltán turned to e-commerce. With the help of a good mentor, Zoltán pushed through inexperience and a steep learning curve in pursuit of his own freedom. He put in the work, he paid the price, and his online business slowly began to grow.

A move to New York City was the ultimate display of his commitment to becoming an entrepreneur at the highest level. There, he dedicated three years to studying the attributes and characteristics of highly successful people.

He improved his people skills, focused on his own personal development, and put the pieces together to understand how a business and people truly work.  

11 years of global success in e-commerce followed. And when he felt there was more to learn elsewhere, Zoltán sold his thriving business to pursue his next opportunity. Months of extensive research culminated in finding a new and unique product around which he centered his newest venture.

Zoltán built a new business around this distinctive product nearly five times faster than comparable industry entrepreneurs. It is now the largest of its kind in Europe and Zoltán’s revenue ranks among the highest in his field. And now, his talents in mentorship, entrepreneurship, and business expansion form the foundation for his business of 6,000+ associates all over the world.


As his business expands so does Zoltán’s passion for coaching. A master mentor, he dedicates much of his time to helping others build a more meaningful life – one with enough time, enough money, enough freedom to be fully present for the most important moments and everything in between. Genuine compassion and a focus on heartfelt connections define this waiter turned entrepreneur, and with a focus not on money but on doing good, the money follows.

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