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The New Book (coming soon) is 

for you if:

  • you are not happy in your current network marketing game and can not see the bright future

  • you are struggling for more than 2 years and still did not reach the magical full time income

  • you are experienced leader but could not help anyone in your downline to get to the 5 digit monthly income in the last 2 years

  • you are starting now, but have no time left to "try" or waste and want to go all in



Why I wrote this book - My life changing story

Dare To Reset Book.jpg

Chapter 1

You are stuck

Some of the reasons you are stuck in network marketing : You do not know how , you do not have an urgent and emotional why, you did not have enough support, you do not have good relationship with your sponsor, you do not have enough new prospect to speak to, you do not have enough time to build your business, you do not do business building activities long enough / fast enough. In a nutshell you do not do something what you supposed to do , and or you do something what you should not supposed to do.

Why did you start?

Understanding your upline

Chapter 2

The evolution of Network Marketing
Understanding and finding solutions

Chapter 3

The SYSTEM in details, what broke all records

Chapter 4

Dare to reset

Who Are We

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