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You Can Rescue Yourself From The Recession!

How YOU Can Escape The 9-to-5 Rate Race, and Rescue Yourself From The Current Recession!

Say GOODBYE To Your Boss, Employees, And Rush Hour Traffic -- With your NEW Failure Proof Recession Plan!


2020… Just hasn't been what you expected it to be has it...

The current pandemic has affected everyone, but some more than others...

Maybe you’ve been laid off…

Maybe you just started to get moving with your project or business, and everything completely fell apart this year…

Either way…

If you’re struggling to get anything going for yourself or your family, due to the current global crisis right now…

This may be the most important message you will ever read!

Regardless of your struggles… It’s now in the past.


What People Are Saying About Zoltan...


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Create Your Time Freedom

Create Your Work Freedom

Create Your Financial Freedom​

Create Your Personal Freedom

No big up-front investment, no headache from employees or bosses, and no false promises!

Can you just imagine the time, stress, and frustration you would save with the luxury of...

No Boss

No commute

No alarm clock

No rush-hour traffic

No employees

No politics

No compromises

No discrimination

No educational requirement

No broken promises




And In 2014 I was awarded the prestigious Entrepreneur of the year award!

In my country, business success is almost non-existent.  I grew my business to a significant size within 3 years -- a success which had not been achieved in over the last 30 years!

Since then I’ve continued to break records in business development and achieve target goals within 6 weeks, while the average time frame from others in the same business is 34 weeks.

I’m currently ranked 1st on the list of top EMP bonus earners, and the number one Enroller in Europe!


Give yourself the life you, and your family TRULY deserve!

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1.) Our business is dealing with products that nobody has on the market! -- heavily patented, category creator, no one can copy or compete!

2.) 30-days course training provided! Extracted from over 12 years experience! Anywhere you’re stuck, either myself, or my qualified team will personally help you!

3.) We assist you with quality leads! You will only deal with people interested in your service -- no more struggling to convince the wrong people!

4.) Worried about the language barrier? -- We build an international team with you, FOR you!

5.) The time is now! - our business passed the introduction phase, we are entering the mega-growth phase! Those whose applications are accepted to partner with us now will be the lucky ones!

6.) Partnering with leadership where integrity is number one priority: people/problem first, money second! -- always!

But that’s not all!

Other Perks include...

  • Working with the #1 partner company in Europe!

  • Getting live 1-on-1 coaching from the 2014 Entrepreneur of the year!

  • Free luxurious holidays trip for top performers (Out of 11 qualifiers --7 were from our team in Europe!)

  • ​Train with our high earning team and world class environment!

  • ​Access to an exclusive whatsApp for advanced tips and training for VIP members only.

  • ​Free weekly zoom call coaching.

  • ​Access to health related training by a certified cellular health coach!

And now the question is...

Are you ready to experience first-class FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want!? 

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What you can expect if your application is accepted...

  • The #1. Reason and Secret why I sold my successful online business after 10 years to start a brand new one from scratch!

  • How to create a competition-free business, today -- in the 21st Century.

  • Walk you through unique, proven steps towards supplementing your income, or starting your own business to enjoy the freedom of doing what you love!

  • ​We will show you the fastest, easiest and simplest way to build a money making machine! Even without any natural talents or special skills.

  • ​How to build your own online business in countries you have never been or travelled to, and do not speak the local language yet.

  • ​Discover the MOST common mistake people do when starting to earn more income. (This habit holds them in poverty all their life).

  • ​How to start an online business with a laughable small investment.

  • ​We will show you the fastest, easiest and simplest way to build a money making machine! Even without any natural talents or special skills.

  • ​The most efficient way using other people to sell your products without paying them a penny!

  • ​5 things that make a business unique and special!

  • ​How I went from ZERO to £5000 monthly in 6 weeks.

  • ​How I was able to make £2600 in a week while on a holiday vacation! without making any sales, any meetings and any calls!

  • ​We point you in the direction of getting REAL-life business education FREE, not from books or trainings. 

  • ​The proven track record showing how we handled the current economic crisis between June, 2019 and June, 2020.

  • ​ And much, MUCH more!

Can you imagine the FREEDOM you can now experience when you don’t have to answer to a boss?Or sit through the rush hour traffic?
Can you imagine how much time you will get back for friends and family with financial freedom like this?

The truth is…
You don’t have to imagine it… you can experience this for yourself!


For a very limited time, you can get the entire Recession Rescue Plan for...

Zoltan on devices.png

This is NOT for everybody...

I’ll level with you here…


The Recession Rescue Plan is NOT for everyone…


Only a select few applications will be selected.


We’re looking for ambitious, hungry individuals who take action and apply what they are taught by experts like us!


People who NEED a Rescue Plan right now more than ever!


And if that doesn’t sound like you… No worries!

Just click off this page and continue about your day...

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zoltan event.jpg

But if you believe in your heart and guts that you’ll be a good fit for us…

And love what online businesses and networking opportunities are offering, but can’t imagine doing things the old way...


Then I strongly suggest you fill out our application form below to book a call with our team!


You have nothing to lose!


Only the freedom in life to do what you want, when you want, with who you want -- to gain!

You can continue dreaming about financial freedom…


 You can take your first step to claiming it! 

Right here, right now, on this page only...

The choice is yours…


In 2014 Zoltan was awarded the prestigious Entrepreneur of the year.

Within the country he originally partnered with, Zoltan grew his business to a significant size in 3 years, a success which had not been achieved in the last 35 years.   

In January 2019 he sold his business and started a brand-new project in cellular health breakthrough technology.

Zoltan is breaking records in business development and achieving targets within 6 weeks, while the average time frame from others in the business is 34 weeks.

He is currently ranked second on the list of top EMP bonus earners in Europe.

Zolatn podium.png
Zoltan on laptop.png

Serving his valuable clients for years, he is proud to say that he has been providing responsive, relevant, realistic, and effective services. If you want to make a significant difference in your life as an entrepreneur, Zoltan is fully established to fulfil your needs and to help you achieve all your aspirations.  

In no time, you will see drastic and successful changes in your life.

Having a reputation as a flexible, versatile professional speaker, he has travelled to different countries across the globe; Europe, Japan, USA, South East Asia and many more, where he was able to share his talents and life experiences.

Say ‘what-if’ today and book your call with our team right now…

Frequently Asked Questions

"When will I know if my application has been accepted or not?"

You will know whether or not you have been accepted within 5 days of your application completion. You will receive an email from us.

"What if we don't speak the same language?"

We build an international team that speaks your language with you, FOR you! In fact, we PREFER more business minded individuals of different languages and locations around the world!

"When will I begin to see results?"

Results can begin to show within our 30-day training!

"Will this work for me? Even if I have no skills or degree?"

YES! -- Some of our current high-earners started from ZERO with no degrees or skill set.

Earnings Disclaimer

No earnings projections, promises, or representations made anywhere on this website or in our marketing materials implies or guarantees your future prospects, earnings and income. No warranties, promises, ideas, or suggestions made herein imply that you will earn the same and should not be interpreted as such.

All testimonials shared are real and verified by students/clients/participants of our programs/products. Your purchase of our products or programs does not guarantee any type of earnings or income statements and any claims made here are only meant to be used as an estimate and examples of what's possible. You may end up earning more or less, depending on several factors including your commitment to the program, skills, existing knowledge and expertise in the field, audience size, lead quality, market conditions, and other factors.

You accept and assume the entire risk of not getting the full return on your investment and always have the option to make use of any guarantees provided. There is no guarantee that any prior success you have had or past results with similar programs will predict future success. There is no guarantee of success if you have completed a previous version of this program/have upgraded to a newer version of the product.

Nothing shared here should replace professional financial or business advice. You are responsible for doing your own due diligence about our product(s) or program(s) to determine whether this is a viable opportunity for you. You are responsible for contacting a lawyer, financial advisor, business advisor, and other professionals before acting on any of this information.

The owner of this site and creator(s) of this product/program assume no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred when you act upon the information provided in this program or in our marketing materials, including Facebook ads, emails, and other collateral where our opinions, ideas, or strategies are shared and expressed.

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