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Zoltan Varnai

In 2014 Zoltan was awarded the prestigious Entrepreneur of the year.

Within the country he originally partnered with, Zoltan grew his business to a significant size in 3 years, a success which had not been achieved in the last 35 years.   

In January 2019 he sold his business and started a brand-new project in the cellular health breakthrough technology.

Zoltan is breaking records in business development and achieving targets within 6 weeks, average time frames from others in the business is 34 weeks. 

He is currently ranked second on the list of top EMP bonus earners in Europe. 

Serving his valuable clients for years, he is proud to say that he has been providing responsive, relevant, realistic, and effective services. If you want to make a significant difference in your life as an entrepreneur, Zoltan is fully established to fulfil your needs and to help you achieve all your aspirations.  

In no time, you will see drastic and successful changes in your life. 

Having a reputation as a flexible, versatile professional speaker, he has travelled to different countries across the globe; Europe, Japan, USA, South East Asia and many more, where he was able to share his talents and life experiences.

The poverty mindset

“ The worst people you can serve are poor people.
Give them something for free and they think it’s a trap.
Tell them it’s a small investment, they will say they will not make enough.
Invite them to invest big, they will say they have no money.
Invite them to try new things, they will say they do not know how to do it.
Invite them to a traditional business, they will say it is difficult.
Tell them it’s a new business model, they will say it’s a pyramid or scam.
Tell them to run a store, they will say there is no freedom.
Tell them to run a new business they will say they have no experience.
They have something in common:
They love to research in Google, listen to friends as desperate as they are, 
think more than a university professor and move less than a blind man leading another.
Ask them what they want to do. They cannot respond”

Create your work freedom

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