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Discover Business Opportunities That Give You More Choices!

Design Your Life With Us!


Want to Know How I Built My Business That Gives Me Time Enjoy Life With My Family?

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Take Back Your Control!
Stressed About Your Future?
Want To Build Wealth Long Term?
Want To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle?
Want To Start A Side Business?
Need Professionals To Guide You?
Want To Master Your Work-Time?
If you answered yes to even one of the above questions then this if for you!


Most people work on a 9-5 to meet their day to day life requirements and due to which they have to sacrifice on their dreams.
They end up with less time, less money and less experiences because of the path that they are in.
We are conditioned from childhood to lead a normal life that we are in however this can change with your efforts in this digital era!

BUT You Have A Choice To Make!

A Choice that will help you lead a life you always wanted!

Meet Our Founder:


Mentor | Business Coach | Entrepreneur

Following an impactful career in the hospitality industry, Zoltán chose to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship and started his own e-commerce business during the recession of 2008.

His knack for finding opportunity in unlikely places formed the springboard for what became a decade of success.


Through the late nights and growing pains, the prospect of being his own boss and setting his own hours was the fuel that propelled him forward.

11 years of unparalleled success followed, after which Zoltán sold his thriving e-commerce business to embark on a new venture in 2019. With a strong focus on developing people, his new business grew at an exceptional pace, generating over 7.5 million USD in sales in Europe in 2022.


Since starting his new business, Zoltán has coached dozens in creating an additional five-figure income, been recognized as 2021 Business Builder of the Year, and mentored several key players on their path to becoming full-time e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Zoltán continues to build a global team and now operates in 32 countries around the world.


A mentor to the core, his passion for coaching remains even as his business continues to expand.

With a simple but effective strategy for building a life that has time, money, and meaningful relationships, his greatest joy comes from bringing tailormade solutions to each new connection.

4 Most Popular Wishes People Have:


What Most People Do With Time Is

Most People Pass-Play-Trade-Exchange Their Time

This always make them crunch for more time in their life to do something productive that will help them get the abundance they are looking for.


Invest Your Time Once & Get Paid Multiplied Times:

Most of the Jobs we do or projects we take, we get paid one time.

In order to make more money you need to work again, take more projects and the cycle keeps on going.

Focus on Opportunities where you work once and get paid multiple times which will give you the abundance of time and wealth that you are looking for.

Explore More About This Business Opportunity With Me:

(Limited Slots Only)

Interested in building business that gives you Time, Money, Health, Wealth choice?

We have a Free Webinar for our special participants here with very limited seats.

We're looking for ambitious, hungry individuals who take action and apply what they are taught by experts like us!

People who NEED an Opportunity to change their life!

What This Opportunity Holds For You?


1.) Our business is dealing with products that nobody has on the market! -- heavily patented, category creator, no one can copy or compete!


2.) 30-days course training provided! Extracted from over 12 years experience! Anywhere you’re stuck, either myself, or my qualified team will personally help you!


3.) We assist you with quality leads! You will only deal with people interested in your service -- no more struggling to convince the wrong people!


4.) Worried about the language barrier? -- We build an international team with you, FOR you!


5.) The time is now! - our business passed the introduction phase, we are entering the mega-growth phase! Those whose applications are accepted to partner with us now will be the lucky ones!


6.) Partnering with leadership where integrity is number one priority: people/problem first, money second! -- always!

What Others Say About Zoltan?

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